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Supporting the Jerusalem Business Development Center

MATI-USA is a US based not-for-profit Corporation that was founded to support the work of MATI Jerusalem in stimulating the economy of Jerusalem by boosting job and new business creation, eradicating poverty and joblessness through programs that encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship.

Please click HERE to learn about MATI’s mission and programs.

MATI-USA is lead by a dedicated Board of Directors both Americans and Israelis and guided in the US by a committed Advisory Committee.

Please click HERE to view a list of our US leadership.

MATI, a registered not-for-profit NGO (AMUTA) in Israel, has a successful track record of accomplishments through training courses, one-on-one mentoring and help in developing business plans and accessing loans.  MATI bridges economic and social gaps through special outreach and support services targeted to people from all walks of life in the city of Jerusalem.

MATI recognizes the vital impact that building new businesses have on the local economy and its residents. Each new business MATI helps, in turn creates 3 new jobs on average.

  • Please click HERE for MATI-USA certificate of incorporation
  • Please click HERE for IRS 501c3 certificate
  • Please click HERE for latest IRS 990 form

Contributions to MATI Jerusalem made through MATI-USA are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

  • 4,500 participants taking part in programs every year
  • 900 new small businesses start in Jerusalem every year
  • 2,600 new jobs added to Jerusalem’s economy every year
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